Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 2

Interested or committed?

I can totally relate to the topic today:

'when you´re interested in dieting, you depend on results to keep you on target'
'Rather than depending on results to help you stay on track, you work on keeping your motivation strong, knowing that the results will follow'

So, the question is how will I stick with my program and stay committed to my weight-loss plan instead of merely interested?

  1. Blog DAILY to stay on track.  I now have this 100 days blog going - so I have committed to at least 100 days of blogging.
  2. Exercise DAILY - I have noticed when I make the time to exericse - that I´m a lot less likely to gobble something I shouldn´t be eating.  I have to exercise BEFORE lunchtime though, as it´s hardly likely to happen after work / dinner.  My exericse at the moment is 30 minutes on my statc bike.
  3. Be strict about night time snacking. As we already eat late (I finish work at 9pm and we live in Spain - where dinnertime is between 9 and 10pm anyway) and got to bed REALLY late - always after midnight - I sometimes find myself having a snack around that time.  So - I need to have dinner and then max 1/2 later dessert - fruit / yoghurt and then that´s that!
  4. Keep a food journal - write it down!  JUST DO IT.

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