Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 4

Just got back from the emergency room.  I fell this afternoon (while EXCITEDLY changing  into my exercise clothes - I was super keen to get on the bike)  I stepped back onto a shoe, twisted my bad foot and fell with a horrible thud next to the bed (luckily there´s a mat there!)  AGONY -and all I could think was I´ve broken my foot AGAIN!)  I sat howling in pain and frustration for a good 10 minutes before pulling myself up onto the bed.

3 hours, 6 x-rays and two sets of crossed fingers later ..... the doctor announced it´s a sprained ankle and torn ligaments.  Yeah!  I´m honestly  thrilled not to have to be in a cast for the next 8 weeks.  (I have already broken both feet and my left leg)  My neurological disease (CMT) makes falls very common.  The problem (besides possible fractures - is getting up.  The muscles in the legs are so wasted it´s very, very difficult - add nearly 100 pounds of excess weight into that equation.... and you get the picture. My husband can´t pick me up.  I literally have to haul myself up with my arms on to the sofa or bed.  It´s NOT easy as my hands are very weak too from the disease.  If I fall down in the street - I don´t know what I´ll do. (probably die of embarrassment before anything else)

So - all this has really brought home how ESSENTIAL it is that I lose weight NOW.  Talk about waiting for a sign.
The Universe is literally DRAWING ME A PICTURE! 

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