Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 6

I´m a day behind with this - didn´t spend much time at the computer yesterday, as I was trying to keep my foot up as much as possible and only did my 2 classes and then spent the rest of the  day reading.  I finished an entire book.  Admittedly - it was chick-lit - which is easy to read in a day if you have nothing else to do.  The apartment needs to be cleaned (can´t do much while hobbling around)  I  have some sewing to do (got to still make a cover for my Kindle) and 2 paintings to finish off - perhaps I might get some of that done today.  Anyway, the foot is slightly better - I can walk very slowly (and painfully) on it at the moment.  It´s every shade of blue and purple still and I have a really nasty bruise on my thigh ( must have got it when I fell - although I don´t remember actually hitting anything.  Weird.

So..... the topic for day 6 is: Protect your program
  • Watch for chances to respond to food invitations by using the line; "Not just yet, I´m going to wait a while".
  • Identify at least 3 high risk times or events such as family gatherings or quiet weekends.  Write down how you´ll protect your program during these. For me the worst are the weekends.  DH works Saturdays and Sundays and gets home after 9pm.  I work Saturdays BUT I work form home - so it´s easy to go to the kitchen.  I have to watch the wine.  It´s too easy to have 2 glasses while watching Sunday afternoon movies.  I also loved eating popcorn then - so now I´m just NOT even going to buy it - because for a start I use FAR too much salt and already battle with water retention.  I need to eat fruit, fruit and fruit.  We always have loads at home and I just ignore it.  An apple would be perfect instead of popcorn.  Another dangerous time is after dinner.  DH loves snacking and invariably offers me;somehting.  They are healthy snacks - just NOT necessary after having dinner so late.  I need to STOP eating after a certain time - it´s difficult as he gets home after 9- closer to 10 in summer, then showers and by the time we finish dinner it´s really late (we´re in Spain)  This is something I´m going to have to work on and stick to.
  • Do at least 1 thing today that reinforces your determination to protect your prgram at all costs.  Tonight I´m going to watch myself after dinner and enforce a rule re. dessert / snacking.

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